The Benefits Of Sending Your Daughter To An All-Girls Catholic School

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As a parent, you want to give your daughter the best possible education. You may have found that public schools in your area face dire challenges with funding and availability of top-quality resources and teachers. Public schools also tend to be crowded and incapable of offering top-tier instruction.

Instead of trying to find a suitable public school to send your daughter to, you can instead choose one that is private and more exclusive. You can provide your daughter with a number of benefits by sending her to an all-girls Catholic school.

Daily Mass

If you and your family are practicing Catholics, you may like the idea of going to daily Mass. Sunday Mass alone may not provide your child with sufficient exposure to the faith. You want her to go to Mass more than once a week.

An all-girls Catholic school typically will have a daily Mass for pupils and teachers. Going to daily Mass on campus may be part of the requirements of attendance, even for students who are not practicing Catholics. Your daughter can go to Mass every day and get more exposure to the rituals and tenants of the faith than she would going just once a week.

Incorporated Religious Education

An all-girls Catholic school also will incorporate catechism lessons into its daily curriculum. If you want to pass on your faith to your daughter and strengthen her commitment to it, you may want her to get religious instruction. Rather than sending her to after-Mass lessons on Sundays, you can send her to an all-girls Catholic school that provides a religious education every day. 

This education can also take the place of sacramental preparation for milestones like first confession, Communion and confirmation. Your daughter can prepare for these sacraments without having to go to classes after school or after Mass on Sunday.

Finally, an all-girls Catholic school may have smaller classroom sizes and better funding. The funding comes from parents who pay tuition to the school, as well as donations that it gets from the diocese where it is located. Your daughter may get more one-on-one teaching than she would get in public schools.

An all-girls Catholic school can offer benefits not found with public education. Your child goes to daily Mass and gets instruction to prepare for sacraments. A Catholic school also can provide a smaller classroom size, more tailored instruction and better funding than public schools. 

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