SEL Activities For Individual Pupils And Classroom Groups

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SEL (social emotional learning) is an educational practice that involves using interpersonal and social skills. Self-awareness, empathy, personal and group goals, and relationships are often explored during a SEL lesson. These items can aid a pupil with developing relationships and making healthy and responsible decisions.

Emotions And Goals

A teacher may introduce SEL learning through an independent exercise that encourages a group of students to each take notice of how they are feeling. Feelings can affect how a student proceeds with a classroom activity. Sadness, frustration, or fear could hinder one's ability to reach their full potential. Identifying current emotions and journaling about them can reduce negative feelings.

Students can write down what triggers them to feel a particular way. Once they become self-aware of these triggers, they can make a conscious effort to redirect their thoughts in a more positive manner. Listing personal goals and referring to them throughout the school year can help students remain focused on what is the most important to them. 

Compliments And Positive Attributes

A student who receives a compliment from other students or who learns that others in their class perceive them in a positive manner can be uplifting. Students can participate in a group activity that involves paying a compliment to a peer or describing some positive attributes of a classmate. This exercise will focus on strengthening relationships and effectively communicating with others.

For a less direct approach, students can be placed in pairs. Each pair can be given a list of positive characteristics, The students in each pairing can be directed to write a paper about their partner. Characteristics that pertain to each student can be listed in each paper. At the end of the exercise, the students who make up each pair can share what they have written about one another. 

A Listening Exercise

Observing and listening to others while they are speaking is a fundamental part of becoming socially aware and empathetic toward a classmate's concerns and feelings. A listening exercise that is conducted in a classroom setting can involve listening to an audio story and analyzing what each character is experiencing throughout the plot.

This type of exercise will allow a group of students to each use their perception to come up with a unique viewpoint. Some students may agree with one another and some may have unique perspectives. A teacher can prompt their students to explain what they have discovered about each character in a story.

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