Is Your Daughter Moving To An All Girls High School? 3 Tips To Ease The Transition

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The high school that your daughter attends shapes her future by giving her the opportunity to fully develop her academic and social understanding. At an all-girls Catholic school, young women thrive in a supportive environment that builds their confidence as they progress toward college. While your daughter may be looking forward to the benefits her new learning environment provides, she may also be apprehensive about moving to a new high school. As your daughter's first day approaches, use these tips to help her prepare for the transition.

Encourage Questions

Teenagers may not always come to you with their concerns like they did when they are younger. However, your daughter is likely to be forthcoming with her thoughts if you ask the right questions. Talk to your daughter when she seems open to conversation such as during a meal or a shared activity together. Then, ask open-ended questions that encourage her to tell you how she feels about going to an all-girls Catholic high school. For example, you could ask her what she is excited or worried about. Alternatively, you could set goals together for the upcoming year. Tapping into her feelings about moving to a new school gives you a starting point for addressing any concerns.

Take a Tour

If possible, take a tour of your daughter's new school before her first day. During this tour, your daughter can be shown where all of the important areas of the school are such as the cafeteria, library, and gym. You can also be asked to be shown to common classrooms that your daughter will likely go to during the day. Being familiar with the school before her first day helps to calm your daughter's fears about getting lost.

Explore Extracurricular Activities

While your daughter's academic learning is the most important thing, extracurricular activities give your child a chance to develop their interests and make new friends. At an all-girls Catholic high school, your daughter may have opportunities to participate in music, sports and science activities that all help her to stand out on college applications while also connecting with other students at her school. Help your daughter pick out a few activities that she can get excited about as she enters school this year.

Transitions in life always require some adjustment, and moving to a new high school is often a major change for a teenager. Now that you've found your daughter the perfect high school help her prepare emotionally so that she can walk through the doors with confidence on her first day at a new school.

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